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Permanent Makeup



Permanent makeup involves the soft colour enhancement of facial features, including brows, eyes and lips. It can also be applied medically to recreate areola, camouflage scars and disguise vitiligo.

The treatment is very similar to conventional tattooing in that it is an invasive procedure, but less traumatic in application which fades over time allowing you to change your look. It remains visible for a period of time, determined by your skin and lifestyle, requiring maintenance/colour refresh to keep it looking fresh and defined.

Although named ‘permanent makeup’ the procedures are not to replace the products in your makeup bag, but to enhance your natural beauty so you no longer feel as much of a desire that you require makeup.

Permanent cosmetics are only as good as the technician applying it. Extensive knowledge in this specialised field coupled with an artistic hand and creative eye will deliver the best results.

Brows are our most popular procedure at The Aesthetics Lounge, and are a well-known specialty of ours. Our team have an eye for what the perfect brow for each client should be. Susie is first and foremost, an artist, allowing us to give you the most natural and beautiful eyebrows possible, designed for you as an individual.

We create brows that are tailored to you, for your face and taste, and use the perfect pigment for your skin tone and hair colour.
They will enhance and complement your natural beauty. We aim to create the most realistic set of brows possible, so we work with your natural hair and will only remove strays! Along with the Susie you will choose whether the hair stroke, powder, ombre or combination effect will best suit your lifestyle and skin type.


    A shading technique which creates more subtle colour at the start of the brow, with a bolder defined tail


    A combination of hairstrokes and powder for a slightLy more enhanced look


    Created by machine, or microblading, this produces soft hairstrokes, sometimes known as feathering, brush strokes, and hair simulation. This works best on virgin skin, where no previous permanent makeup has been applied.

Eyeliner adds depth and definition to the eye area and can be natural or dramatic, depending on the look desired.

For a natural look a soft, subtle line can be applied to the eyelid or a ‘dotted’ effect through the lash line to make your lashes appear thicker.

A bold line can be used for a more dramatic look, or even a ‘Flicked’ liner to add definition to the eye.

There are many other eyeliner styles and techniques which you can discuss at your appointment to get the right one for you and your eye shape. Eyeliner will not completely replace the need for wearing eye makeup however it will make application easier and on the occasions when you choose to have no makeup on it will create definition of the eye area.

Eyeliner Micropigmentation is also an excellent way for anyone who has lost their eyelashes to create the illusion of a lash line.

Lip enhancement can be used to reshape lips, give an illusion of fullness or even just create a beautiful colour that lasts after you have removed your lipstick. We have a wide range of colours available for lip enhancement; we can enhance your natural lip colour or even mimic your favourite lipstick, depending on the result you would like to achieve.

Lip liner

A classic outline to add some definition where colour or shape is lost

Lip Blush
A favourite amongst clients, lip blush is a full lip line with some shading to provide a shaded 3D look, and to give depth and colour to any lip

Full lip colour

A full colour, used to create a more colourful lip, providing a base colour, and reducing the need for repeated lip stick application

We regularly see clients for correction work and we can correct some cases of bad permanent make-up work.

We also offer Laser Removal where full removal or reduction of pigment is required before we can start afresh.

Correction work is more expensive as it is complex.
Price on consultation.

Using our Q-Switched ND: Yag Laser, we remove Permanent Make-Up and multi-coloured tattoos for optimal Clinical results.

Our Lasers are gentle enough so that the hair follicle is not damaged.

Consultations are free and during them we can assess your specific area of concern and discuss achievable results. Sessions from £50.