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You’ve already got what it takes. You just haven’t seen it yet. The Lash Lift is the revolutionary lash phenomenon that reveals your natural lashes in all their glory. The lash lift effect is about freedom. It’s about knowing your eyes will be the centre of attention. Without you having to do a thing. Make the most of what nature gave you. With the length, volume and lift effect of a lash lift.

How does it work?
By straightening your natural eyelashes at the root and then tinting them, the L Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. No mascara. No messing. Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.

How long will it take/last?
Around 45 minutes with an expert lash technician It’s a closed-eye procedure too. Relax. Time for a power nap. You’re then set for up to 8 weeks.

Will it damage my natural lashes?
You can be assured that ourproducts have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes.

What aftercare is involved?
LASH LIFT is a low maintenance treatment so it’s easy to keep your lashes looking fresh; Keep them dry for 24 hours and you are good to go

COST £35 including tint


If you are eyebrow obsessed, then you’ll definitely have heard of henna brows. It’s the latest craze sweeping the world of eyebrow treatments due it its claims of being a safe, natural and long-lasting alternative to eyebrow tinting. Here’s what you should know ahead of your next appointment.

Henna is a form of eyebrow tinting that not only dyes the hair but also stains the skin to achieve a darker finish and the appearance of a fuller brow. Many henna dyes claim to last 6-8 weeks on the hair and up to 2 weeks on the skin, although this can vary depending on a number of factors.

The henna plant is native to the middle east and has been used since ancient times to dye the skin and hair. Although henna itself is a natural dye, many henna dyes on the market do include synthetic ingredients similar to those used in traditional eyebrow tints. This isn’t always clearly labelled on the packaging, meaning you’re not always getting what you pay for when you opt for a ‘natural’ alternative.

Para-phenylenediamine, more commonly known as PPD, is used in hair and eyebrow dyes to colour the hair. Although many people can safely use these dyes, some people can experience allergic reactions to PPD.

Many people opt for henna as a PPD-free alternative, but it’s important to note that some henna dyes do actually contain PPD. Black henna is the term commonly used for henna that contains PPD or other members of the PPD family. Other members of the PPD family may have different names but will carry the same risks, so always be sure to be patch tested even if the tint is labelled as PPD-free.

Even if the product is labelled as natural, you should also check with your technician or the brand for clarification on the ingredients list if you have experienced a reaction to PPD.

As long as your technician has carried out a patch test and asked the correct questions to determine if you’re suitable for the treatment, both versions of eyebrow tinting are perfectly safe.

It is worth noting that traditional eyebrow tints are regulated by EU law, meaning that the levels of synthetic dyeing agents used are controlled and kept at safe levels.

If you opt for PPD-free henna, there is still a chance of a reaction due to lawsone, the orange-red pigment found in the leaves of the henna plant. As with any dye treatment, your technician should offer a patch test to ensure the treatment is safe to go ahead.

If you’ve experienced a reaction to PPD, you’ll need to make sure you are choosing a PPD-free henna and you’d also need to have a patch test prior to the treatment. If your patch test is clear, then you’re good to go ahead.
Henna can achieve some fantastic results, however there are a lot of misconceptions that it’s a totally risk-free treatment. Your technician will be able to advise if henna is suitable for you.


What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a process of restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in a desired shape. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, have any gaps in between said hairs, or who want that groomed, brushed-up look .That feathery effect we lust after is often put down to a brilliantly hard-wearing brow gel and, while they do exist, they can be hit and miss (plus they work differently on different eyebrows).

What does it involve?

Lamination involves two different treatment solutions that do for our brows what a lash lift does for our lashes. The first is brushed through eyebrow hairs to make them softer and more malleable, and is left on for twenty minutes. Next, the brows are brushed into the desired position and a ‘laminating’ solution is applied, to keep the strands in place.

Who is it suitable for?
Those who have an abundance of brow hairs will reap the benefits of lamination as it can fix thick hairs in place, with a hold that no product could previously deliver. But those with finer brows can benefit too. it helps give the appearance of slightly fuller brows and the hairs that are there can be styled to cover any sparse areas. Not only that, the effects can last up to eight weeks.

Prices from £25


Our range of facials ensures that there is the perfect facial waiting for you. 


Aromatherapy facial :

There’s nothing like stress for lining the skin and there’s nothing like relaxation for smoothing it! This indulgent aromatherapy facial is infused with generous anti-inflammatory ingredients and will soothe, calm and nourish a tired, irritated or unhappy complexion. A divine treatment that includes lymph drainage and a tranquil face massage, a relaxing eye treatment .Pure Bliss.


Rehydrating facial for thirsty skin:
The ultimate in anti-ageing, this lavish facial is a must for dehydrated or neglected skin and is designed to leave it looking radiant & fresh. Combining powerful antioxidants to help fight the ageing process and loss of elasticity in the skin, this divine treatment includes our intense eye therapy and eye massage and a rather special secret remedy to encourage deep hydration and eliminate fine lines. And if that isn’t enough, we also use lifting massage techniques and lymph drainage.


PERFECTOR – The ‘Knifeless Facelift’ :Perfector technology uses specialised nano-currents that work on all levels of the skin’s tissues. Working on soft tissue, muscle fibres, speeding up cellular activity and increasing metabolism. It re-educates the muscle fibres, giving you that toned, uplifted effect. Recommended as a course with monthly maintenance it is dubbed by the press as the “Knifeless Facelift”.

Please also see Radio frequency facials if you are interested in this type of treament

Prices from £45